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Cowrie Cove

Cowrie Cove, situated beyond the lush gardens of Shangri-La Mactan, offers not only breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean but also dishes that will surely please your palate.

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Sky Symphony 2020

Sky Symphony 2020

Last January 17, 2020, amid the annual Sinulog Festival, Cebu experienced one of the worst traffic situations as Cebuanos flocked to see its first-ever fireworks competition held at City di Mare's Il Corso alongside the Baladhay Music Festival.The fireworks...

What is COVERRR?

Home to hundreds of white sand beaches, natural landscapes, untouched wonders, and the ever hospitable Filipinos, the Philippines is no doubt one of the best places on Earth. The islands to visit, the seas to dive, the mountains to trek, the rich culture to experience – all these attract tourists from all over the world. But with poor tourism planning and awareness, the Philippines will soon be just another forgotten paradise. Over the years, it helped our economy grow tremendously. But with very little awareness among the locals and tourists, a lot of our natural wonders have sadly been slowly deteriorating. Coverrr aims to bring Filipinos together to showcase the beautiful places of the Philippines to the world while at the same time raise awareness on how one can take part in preserving these natural wonders so that our future generations may also benefit from them.