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Escario Street,
Cebu City, Cebu
+63 (032) 238 4523

Tucked within the busy district of Escario, a little dessert place known as Brioche has been baking sweet goodies since 2012. The term “brioche” means a light, sweet bread and indeed the name reflects what this café has to offer.


When I first entered Brioche, I was instantly drawn to the varied array of cakes and pastries on display. The simple and brightly lit interiors is a disguise to what flavors you enjoy from their heavenly treats.


The Blueberry Doissant – had a perfect balance of textures. The crust had a good crisp just as you would expect with a croissant while the inside was amply soft and moist. Although the topping could use a little more blueberries, the overall flavor was well-balanced.


As a chocolate lover, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to excite my palate. I ordered Brioche’s Chocolate Lava Cake A La Mode. At first I thought the sweetness of the filling and the ice cream topping would be too much, but to my delight, it was heavenly.

The cake had a light flavor and the molten chocolate lava was equally bitter and sweet. The filling melts graciously in your mouth without being too overpowering – a perfect complement to the vanilla ice cream on top.


The Red Velvet Cake was another dessert I couldn’t pass up and Brioche’s was great. The buttermilk cake was soft yet rich and had the perfect hint of cocoa. It had a classy dark shade of red and the cream cheese icing was a perfect combination to the light flavor of the cake.


It was such a delight to find a famous Filipino dessert – the Sans Rival – in a French-named cafe. After all, the term “sans rival” is a French translation for “without rival” and indeed, Brioche’s version says so. The thin layers of meringue were generously filled with buttercream and sparingly sprinkled with chopped nuts on top.


The Hot Cappuccino was great to the taste. It had a smooth, relaxing texture to it and the froth had a great consistency – an indication to a well-prepared cappuccino.


The Cookies and Cream Frappuccino had a slight hint of coffee – perhaps a disappointment to coffee lovers but a delight to the chocolate cookie monsters. The thick whipped cream was generously sprinkled with chocolate cookie morsels. This frapp is another great icy treat for a hot humid day.

The well appointed seating arrangement ensures a more relaxed ambiance amidst the busy nightly festivities happening around Escario Central. If you are looking for a place to unwind and satisfy your sweet cravings, Brioche will surely not disappoint.


Brioche, Cebu – Menu

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