Filipino web designers wanted


We are looking for Filipino website designers to do ongoing freelance work for our design lab at There will be, on average, 3-5 projects like this every month. For each project, we are looking for a turnaround time of 24 – 36 hours. We are willing to pay up to Php500 – Php1,000 per page, totaling to up to Php2,000 per project.

Below are details of our requirements for each project.

Project Objectives

There are 2 objectives to each project:

  1. Create a BLOG PAGE design
  2. Create a LANDING PAGE design

In both pages, you will be using a HOME PAGE design provided by us as your reference. Meaning, you will be using the same fonts, colors, buttons, and the kind of imagery to match the ones used in the HOME PAGE.


1. Blog Page

a. You will be given a blog page wireframe as your guide on what elements, sections, or contents to include in the BLOG PAGE.

b. You will then edit our standard blog page template (provided by us) to match the fonts, colors, buttons, and imagery used in the given HOME PAGE.

c. You will need to remove, add, or alter the elements on the right side bar as indicated in the wireframe provided.


2. Landing Page

a. You will be given a landing page wireframe as your guide on what elements, sections, or contents to include in the LANDING PAGE.

b. Some of the elements and sections may already be existing in the HOME PAGE file (provided by us). You will be re-using these same elements and sections on the LANDING PAGE to save time and effort.

c. You will then have to create the new elements, sections, or contents using the same fonts, colors, buttons, and imagery as in the HOME PAGE.

d. Make sure to use the same fonts, colors, and imagery as used in the HOME PAGE.



In all our websites, we use the same spacing and font sizes all throughout the pages:

  1. Spacing in between sections:
    1. 100px
    2. 200px
  2. Spacing in between elements:
    1. 100px
    2. 50px
    3. 25px
  3. Font sizes:
    1. 80px – very large titles
    2. 60px – larger titles
    3. 48px – smaller titles
    4. 36px – subtitles
    5. 24px – smaller subtitles
    6. 20px – used in paragraphs only
  4. Imagery
    1. If no images are provided by us, you may use placeholder images which you can get using the Google Images search. Just type in the relevant keyword (e.g. “garage doors”). Use images of the best quality as possible.
  5. Design Files
    1. Layered Photoshop files (PSD)
    2. Image files (JPG)



How to make a bid

Tell us how much you are willing to accept for the work you will be doing on the Bid Amount space. The lower your bid amount, the higher chance of getting the task. Bid on a by-project basis (not per page).

In your Task Proposal, tell us about your experience as a web or graphic designer. If you have links to previous works, that’d be even better!

Indicate how you’d like to get paid (e.g. Bank Deposit, PayPal, Remittance like Cebuana Lhuillier, etc.)




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31 Dec 2019, Tuesday

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Task Bids

Joebert Visto
Hi, I am graduate of BS in Information System and I had created several websites already. I am a project based web programmer and web developer. I am preferred to get paid using Remittance Center via Palawan Pera Padala....
Php 1,500.00
Aira Mae Resureccion
Hi! I am a beginner as an affiliate marketer and also I have creating a landing page and welcome message to use in email marketing. I know my experieced is not that long and I admit that Im a beginner but pls let me gain more experience, grow and enh...
Php 1,500.00
Isabella Francesca Corgos
I have been a webdesigner for almost a year now. I believe my experience is too short but I have learned alot and I can apply these if ever I will be accepted. I am currently working as a Web Content Specialist for an international travel company and...
Php 1,500.00
Shella Marie Oson
A web designer for 6 years. I can create/design 2-3 pages per day from scratch. I also create marketing materials such as brochure, flyer, businesscard, etc. My portfolio: I'd like to get paid by a bank deposit. ...
Php 1,500.00

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