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08/27/2019: EXTENDED! Because this Task has not received qualified entries, it has been extended. Remember to read and follow the instructions carefully for your entry to be considered.

Have you ever been to 10 Dove Street in IT Park, Cebu? If you have, write a review of your experience and get a chance to win up to Php2,000. Your review must have at least 300 words.

Here are 5 pointers you can talk about in your review:

1) Food
How was the food? Did it satisfy your palate?
Talk about particular dishes / foods you liked or disliked and explain why.

2) Value for money
Was the entire experience worth the money you paid for?

3) The service
How was the staff? Were they attentive to your needs? Did they serve you promptly?

4) The ambiance
How was the place?

5) Your overall experience
Was your overall experience at the 10 Dove Street in IT Park, Lahug, Cebu a pleasant one? Will you consider coming back? Will you consider recommending the place to your friends and family?

To join, just fill out the Your Bid form below.

1. Enter a Bid amount - any amount below or equal to the task budget (e.g. Php 2,000) that you are willing to accept as prize money should your entry gets selected. Lowering your bid amount may help increase your chances of winning.

2. Type in your review in the 'Your submission / proposal' field below. Also indicate your preferred mode of payment should you win. The quality of writing is the biggest factor in winning the contest, so be creative!

Have fun and good luck!




11:59 pm
30 Sep 2019, Monday

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Task Bids

Fraulein Enriquez
Whenever I crave for a good-tasting cake to satisfy my sweet tooth, my go to place would always be 10 Dove Street. I fell in love on my first bite of their Chocolate Decadence. I knew that second that I will be coming back for more. I have been a f...
Php 1,500.00
Marc Joash Perez
Lo and behold, my visits to I.T Park just keep getting better and better. Knowing that 10 Dove Street opened a new location at Cebu's very own I.T Park, my hair stood at end as I began grasping the fact that Cebu's best dessert ha...
Php 1,200.00
Marianne Macias
Ten Dove has always been a special place ever since i can remember. Now that it has branched out, i am indeed gratified to patronize its food and desserts because they are delicious, appetizing, and pleasing to every discriminating palate. Ten Dove h...
Php 1,200.00


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