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Apr 4, 2019Travel Tips

Our aim is for you to get the most out of your vacation. So, we’ve gathered some tips and reminders to help you enjoy a pleasurable and hassle-free holiday in the Philippines.

What to wear while in the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country and the environment is often hot and humid. Temperatures can range from 77°F to 83°F. You don’t want to get a heat stroke while walking under the scorching heat of the sun! So wear cool and light-colored clothing. Cotton is preferred. Dark-colored clothing absorbs more heat and is therefore not advisable. Wear comfortable yet decent attire wherever you go.

Wear sunscreen when you are outdoors and especially when you are at the beach. Sure those tan lines look sexy but too much UV rays can actually make you look old! Bring your favorite sunglasses and hat. That’d make you look cooler plus they provide added protection to your face. Oh and please don’t wear sunglasses at night!

Communicating with your friends and family while in the Philippines

While you can get roaming services off your phone’s carrier, it would be wiser and cheaper to communicate with your buddies using local cellular networks. For less than a dollar, you can purchase prepaid sim cards of any of the three largest networks in the country – Smart, Globe, or Sun Cellular. There are unlimited texting/calling service packages you can choose from.

Tips and Safety Reminders on Your Trip to the Philippines

Always get yourself hydrated. When taking long bus rides, bring a bottle or two of water with you. Bring an extra shirt if you are the..ughh..very sweaty kind of person.

Remember to store the local Emergency Hotlines on your phone

911 – Philippines Emergency Hotline
117 – Philippine National Police
143 – Philippine Red Cross

If you’ve got some tips to share to travelers like you, feel free to leave a comment below. If you have any questions or need some help, drop a message and one of the Coverrr team members will get to you ASAP!


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